BOOK SITE CLOSED to the public as California stays at home; we’re still working to ensure reading rich environments for all children.

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Children's Book Project

Dear Children’s Book Project,

We love all the books you gave us. Everyone enjoys the books in our class. Thank you for all the books!


Third grader

We always need high interest, new or gently used, recent books for children of all ages, from infants through teens.  


In greatest demand are books in good condition that make children feel valued, especially:  

  • books featuring diverse characters (all ages)
  • board books
  • early readers
  • elementary chapter books
  • books in Spanish or Chinese (all ages)
  • graphic novels
  • popular series for 8-12 year olds  


Due to limited demand and storage space at our book site, we don’t accept:    

  • dirty, dusty, wet, chewed, ripped, bent, folded, written in, moldering, or mildewed books
  • nonfiction over ten years old 
  • obsolete or vintage books
  • library discards
  • textbooks and curriculum materials
  • encyclopedias
  • audio cassettes and VHS tapes
  • religious books  


Teachers and other staff who serve economically disadvantaged children come in and choose the free books they want to bring back from our book site. Keeping this in mind as you gather books for donation, please understand that if a book is old, broken, dirty, or otherwise unlikely to be selected from our site, it must still be counted and sorted by our hard-working volunteers. Help us use our limited resources efficiently and recycle those books we can’t use at home. Thank you for your understanding! 




To donate new books directly from our curated wishlists, please visit our Bookshop and support our local booksellers at the same time!

Or shop our Amazon Wishlist and join AmazonSmile to give .5% of your purchase to the Children’s Book Project!   


Book Site    


Drop off any number of books at our book site inside the Francis Scott Key Annex during open hours:    


1360 43rd Avenue, room 105
San Francisco   


Monday 3:30 – 6 pm
Wednesday 10 am – 12 pm
Thursday 3:30 – 6 pm
First Saturday of each month 10 am – 1 pm

The entrance to the parking area is at Playland at 43rd Avenue. Please drive slowly and watch for children at play!


Children under 18 are not allowed at the book site. 


Book Bags


Drop off your donation of 50 or fewer books at any of our blue Book Bag collection stand locations: 


Alexander Book Company 50 Second Street
Books Inc 3515 California Street
Books Inc 2251 Chestnut Street
Charlie’s Corner 4102 24th Street
Folio Books 3957 24th Street
Mission Neighborhood Health Center 240 Shotwell Street
Noe Valley Pediatrics 3700 24th Street
Progressive Grounds 400 Cortland Avenue
Umpqua Bank  415 De Haro Street  


Bagel Street Cafe 254 Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood City
Mollieland at Mollie Stone’s, 49 42nd Avenue, San Mateo   


Tay Tah Cafe 1182 Solano Ave, Albany

Pick Up   


Contact us to arrange pick up for donations of 100+ books within San Francisco or for larger donations in the greater Bay Area.



Ship books to our mailing address:   


Children’s Book Project
3433 21st Street
San Francisco CA 94110  


Other Ways To Contribute  


Organize a book drive!   




Donate to our cause!