The Children’s Book Project gives books to children who need them for equity in literacy, learning, and life. 

We aim to create a more socially just world by providing books for free to under-resourced children. Literacy attainment is directly tied to academic achievement and lifetime outcomes, yet children in economically disadvantaged communities do not have the same access to books as their more affluent peers. The Children’s Book Project is committed to closing the opportunity gap and lifting up our community by raising readers.

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We’re on a Roll!

We’re making our new Book Bank more comfortable, serving more clients every month, and have given out more free books for children who need them in the first six months of 2021 than in all of last year. We’re receiving ever more donations of beautiful, new and like-new books from drives, publishers, authors, and individuals. And we’re grateful for the crucial support of dedicated volunteers.

But if you haven’t been to the Book Bank yet, don’t take it from us—take it from heroes like our longtime client Lisa (above) and many others who give books, get books, and volunteer for children who need them for equity in literacy, learning, and life! Our lifeline to literacy lets all kids find themselves — and lose themselves — in the pages of good books. Together, we weave the lifeline to make our communities stronger.

Children’s Book Project Awarded NSI Grant

Supported by Community Vision, with funding from the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development’s Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative, we’re thrilled to receive a Relocation and Renovation Program Award and Reopening Grant for our new Book Bank at 2166 Palou Avenue in San Francisco.

This award funds our relocation from the Outer Sunset to the Bayview, furnishing our beautiful, new Book Bank, and reopening with more space, more hours, and more books for children who need them for equity in literacy, learning, and life.

It’s Been One Year…

Since my students got books from [the Children’s Book Project], something is happening I’ve never seen before. They’re so excited about the books—we’re on Zoom and they share what they’re reading and talk about their favorite series with one another. I just sit back and say, “Wow.” Some of these kids have lost mom or dad to COVID. One girl said that when she’s reading, she can go somewhere else in her mind. Thank you.

Abel V.

Reading Lab Teacher, Martin Luther King Middle School, Madera

A year ago today, San Francisco announced stay-at-home orders. We emerge undaunted and energized by what we’ve accomplished for the children who need us now more than ever:

  • We closed to the public and pivoted operations overnight to an entirely new delivery model with just 2 part-time staff to collect, count, sort, select, and deliver books through the end of 2020.
  • From March 17–December 31st, we gave away over 41,000 books to children at meal distribution centers, public housing, Boys and Girls Clubs, Head Start programs, shelters, public health clinics, learning hubs, and many other organizations serving disadvantaged communities in 15 Northern and Central California counties.
  • Remarkably, we managed this without our usual 100 hours a month of volunteer help or open hours for clients and donors.
  • In November 2020, we successfully relocated across town to the Bayview District of San Francisco, while keeping curbside delivery for clients going through the end of the year.
  • In January 2021, we added 5 days a month at our beautiful new Book Bank to serve clients and curbside donors by appointment, limiting capacity while accommodating demand safely during the pandemic.
  • We’ve already given away over 18,000 books so far this year to clients serving low-income children in Title 1 schools, organizations mentioned above, and many more.
  • We’ve processed over 32,000 new and gently used books so far in 2021 donated by individuals (including those from our curated Bookshop and Amazon wishlists), businesses, publishers, authors, and book drives.
  • We welcomed back new and veteran volunteers in the middle of February 2021 to help us count and sort book donations, and stock our shelves for easy browsing. 
The joy of being able to work directly (at a safe physical distance and masked!) with our clients, book donors, and volunteers at the Book Bank gives us a tremendous lift and rewards our dedication to service.

Our Book Bank is open by appointment to Give Books, Get Books, and Volunteer!
Click the links to schedule online.
Thank you for helping us meet critical needs in challenging times.

All part-time Book Bank staff now fully vaccinated for COVID; mask required.

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