Kapaemahu is a beautiful retelling of the native Hawaiian legend of the mahu. The tale describes the mahu’s dual male and female mind, heart and spirit, and their invaluable wisdom in the science of healing.

Kapaemahu is a bilingual—Oleo Niihau and English—retelling of the traditional Hawaiian legend, The Healer Stones of Kapaemahu. Authors Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, and Joe Wilson give us the story of the mahu, a mixture of male and female in mind, heart, and spirit, and the healing wisdom they imparted in the native people of Waikiki. Daniel Sousa’s beautiful illustrations bring to life the story of the mahu, and the monument to them that was once forgotten, but now is a reminder for people to see and learn their true meaning.

Kapaemahu is a story of wisdom and inclusion that can help children lean into a different culture and see themselves reflected in the legend of the mahu. (Ages 5-10)

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