A collection of Black illustrators, empowering words, and optimism for all children of color to hear positive affirmations about their skin, past lives, and future goals. 

Hey You! An Empowering Celebration of Growing Up Black, exclusively written by Dapo Adeola and illustrated by multiple artists of color, is a picture book that explores how a child’s race impacts their lives and how they should celebrate their identity. Adeola and 18 talented Black illustrators strived to create a book that did not exist when they were children due to a lack of representation. In an ever-changing world, race is still a prevalent issue following the Black Lives Matter protests in response to the police brutality case of George Floyd in 2020. The author and illustrators wanted to create an empowering and timeless effort to remind Black children of their worth and importance. The book celebrates all kinds of people and uses diversity to represent everyone: including mixed-race couples, disabled children, and LGBTQ+ parents. This story is a powerful gift to any child who may struggle with their identity and the oppression they may face. Like the generational passing down of melanin and culture, Hey You! should be passed down to all children of color and their peers! (Ages 5-8 years)

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