The perfect picture book for good and bad hair days, and days where a hair tie cannot manage life.

Hair Love, written by Matthew A. Cherry with illustrations by Vashti Harrison, delves into the celebration of culture through family, identity, and the beauty of curly hair. Rather than focusing on one type of curls or one style to wear curly hair, Cherry details the beauty of all curls, waves, kinks, coils, and locks. For Zuri, her hair defines her identity. After realizing it is a special day, Zuri seeks a new hairstyle to express her excitement. However, she becomes frustrated once her hair becomes rebellious for her and her father. Instead of giving up, Zuri and her father learn how to style her hair via the internet, embracing her curls rather than hiding them. Hair Love acknowledges the hardship curly hair sometimes wields. However, Cherry urges readers to understand the importance of their hair and individuality. Hair Love celebrates hair, family, and a child’s uniqueness and is a perfect book for families to share with their children and young loved ones. (Ages 2-7 years)

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