All year round, we rely on volunteers — like Marycora at St. Ignatius HS — to run book drives that keep our shelves stocked with plenty of wonderful books for children who need them.

Thirty years ago this Fall, Vicki Pollack founded our nonprofit to give free books to children who need them — and also to redistribute and give new life to outgrown but still valuable children’s books.

Since 1992, we’ve given away millions of books to low-income children all around Northern California — and more than 212,000 books since the start of the pandemic. Donating used books keeps them out of the landfill and allows them to recirculate into the hands of the young readers we serve, many of whom have never owned a book.

Running a children’s book drive is fun, draws your community in, and can last for as short or long as you wish, online or in person — it’s entirely up to you! We rely on book drives to keep our Book Bank shelves brimming with fabulous treasures all year round. Help us give even more beautiful books to children who need them most, while sustaining our planet and creating lifelong readers, learners, and stewards of the environment!