This is an adorable book that will help the youngest ones be ready and excited about starting school and jumping right into their learning journey. Author Derrick Barnes and illustrator Vanessa Brantley-Newton bring to us the sweet and always stylish MJ Malone, who is ready to start her day as the Queen of Kindergarten. Guided by a former queen, her mom, MJ learns that to be a good queen she must “brighten every room she enters, be kind and caring to others, and always help those who need it.” The combination of Barnes’ words and Brantley-Newton’s bright and charming illustrations create a fun story that will help the littlest learners get over any first day jitters and to enjoy their first day of school with enthusiasm.

P.S. Loved seeing Barnes’ other picture books “hidden” in the story 😉
(Ages 4-6)

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