Readers thrive when books act as both mirrors and windows, reflecting children’s experiences and offering windows into different worlds. We’re grateful for all the literacy heroes who made 2019 our best year ever for giving unlimited, high-interest books to children who need more windows and mirrors:

• the teachers and other staff trekked out to our book site thousands of times to choose over 138,600 free books for the under-resourced children they work with; 

• more than 800 businesses, schools, community groups, and individuals organized book drives, hosted book bag stands, and donated hundreds of thousands of high quality, inclusive, and culturally relevant books; and

• our amazing volunteers gave over 1,000 hours to counting every one those donated books, sorting each one by category onto our plentiful shelves, and welcoming our many book site visitors.

Your ongoing support helps us build equity of access to books for all children in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.