We do a lot of teaching with the families and encourage them to use books as an initial form of communicating and learning to be more engaged with their babies.

Rosaline Lee, longtime Read Aloud Coalition member

Golden Gate Regional Center, California Department of Developmental Services

Biannually, we have our graduation for clients who have completed the 2 1/2 year home visiting program. The nurse manager told me, “One of the mothers I spoke with at graduation told me that her son’s favorite things are balls and books. Your work is supporting our clients’ literacy!”

Amy A.

San Francisco Nurse Family Partnership

Read Aloud Coalition

A large number of Bay Area children do not have books in their homes and live with parents who are not accustomed to using libraries. These children enter school significantly less prepared to learn to read than many of their peers. Since 1998, our Read Aloud Coalition has worked with local nonprofit organizations to encourage parents to read to their children ages 0 – 5. Coalition members work directly with families with very young children and most make regular home visits.

The Read Aloud Coalition meets regularly to discuss parent training methods, to exchange information, and to select free books for the hundreds of families served. Through targeted grants, the Children’s Book Project is able to supplement our donated books with new, multicultural, multilingual titles for infants and toddlers of the hundreds of families served by the Read Aloud Coalition.