Organize a Book Drive

Suggestions for a successful children’s book drive:

  • Call us for advice and sample flyers:  415 665 6315
  • Select a particular period of time (from a week to a month) to have the drive.
  • Notify students, parents, co-workers about the drive through notices in newsletters, email, flyers, posters — use whatever communication network is available at your site.
  • Give participants as much encouragement as possible to bring in the most books. We have found that the more encouragement students receive from teachers and fellow students, the greater the number of books that are donated. It also helps for parents and students to be told ahead of time to start saving books. This can apply to any work situation.
  • Be sure to stress that we want children’s books, not books intended for adults.
    We can not use textbooks, encyclopedias or old library discards.
  • If you are organizing a drive for the Children’s Book Project, please call us at: (415) 665-6315 if you need further information and/or to arrange for pick up or delivery of the books.

Other possibilities:

We have seen great results with book drives hosted by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. One method is to select a neighborhood, leaflet the entire area letting residents know that books placed curbside the following Saturday will be picked up and delivered to the Children’s Book Project.

Families request that guests bring books to birthday or bar mitzvah celebrations instead of presents.

Our collection bin with brochures

Below are a sample notice for newsletters, emails, etc. and a sample book drive flyer

Children’s Book Project SF Bay Area,

Jun 23, 2009, 3:35 PM
Children’s Book Project SF Bay Area,

Jun 23, 2009, 2:49 PM