Thank you so much. You gave my classroom a 24 book set of 4th grade books, and another 85 readers to help supplement our modest resources for their research projects. We are an under-resourced Title 1 school, and really appreciate your generosity. We hope you can stay in your current location and continue your incredibly important service for our appreciative students and families!

Holly H.

The Children’s Book Project is AMAZING! It is a wonderful place full of treasures and very helpful for a new teacher!


4th grade teacher

I teach 4th grade in Daly City. Our community is rich in culture, but we struggle to provide our students with strong reading material. Your program has allowed me to help grow a love of reading in my classroom!


My first time here and I’m thrilled to get wonderful books that are absolutely free of charge! Thank you so much for what you do! I couldn’t ask for more!!!

Marina F.

Kindergarten teacher

I teach Special Education at Marina Middle School. This has been a great resource for new teachers like me, finding picture books and science books to inspire my students.

Andrew T.

San Francisco Unified School District

I love the Children’s Book Project! Without you, I and many teachers I know would not have libraries for our classrooms. Because of all the books, I will be able to better teach my students and show them how wonderful books are!

Cortney M.

As a teacher at a new public school in SF, I am constantly looking for more books for my students. I appreciate the variety of books, from chapter books to nonfiction sets to picture books to early readers. I love the Children’s Book Project and come back often!

Kelley E.

San Francisco Unified School District

What a wonderful organization for teachers to fill their classroom libraries with high demand books for all students to access. Being able to pick out books for each student and not have to worry about the cost is empowering. Happy 25th Anniversary, Children’s Book Project!

Mary May C.

San Francisco Unified School District

Thank you so much! I picked up 125 books and put them out for the students to select a book to ensure that they have enough to read for the Redding Elementary Read-A-Thon and all the books were scooped up quickly.

Derald C.

San Francisco Unified School District

I am extremely grateful for the Children’s Book Project! There is no way I could have stocked my classroom library with such diverse, challenging, and leveled books without the Children’s Book Project. In addition, their open doors and hearts inspire me every time I visit. Thank you!

Rachel R.

The Children’s Book Project has helped my kindergarten students love reading books and appreciate the love of learning. Thank you very much!

Julie B.

San Francisco Unified School District

This is, hands down, one of the best teacher resources in the entire Bay Area. The books I’ve gotten from the Children’s Book Project have made an amazing difference in the reading lives of my students. With the hundreds (!) of books I’ve gotten, I have been able to create a classroom where my students are literally surrounded by books. Thank you!

Bill E.

Berkeley Unified School District

The Children’s Book Project has been a game changer. It has allowed me to provide books as prizes for reading achievements to kids for whom ownership of their own reading materials is a rare privilege. It is such a motivation for them to read more! Thank you!

Samantha S.

New School of San Francisco

We have visited the Children’s Book Project and received books for students at both of the schools I lead. Since the population of both schools is predominantly English Language/Dual Language learners, it is important for these children to have books available to them at home. Research shows the more frequently a child opens a book, the better reader the child becomes—and ultimately if the child is a better reader by 3rd grade, he/she will be more likely to graduate from college. So I thank you for helping our 3-6 year olds get ready for a college career!

Jane M.

Zaida Rodriguez & Junipero Serra Early Education Schools, San Francisco Unified School District

The Children’s Book Project is one of the most wonderful organizations I have ever experienced. Imagine, being a teacher and needing books for Reader’s Workshop, guided reading, thematic teaching units and take home books to send for children to read at home. The Children’s Book Project has shelves and shelves and boxes of books of every kind for schools and children, all organized by age and interest. They serve any child and teacher who needs books. What a wonderful idea and how fantastic that it is right here in San Francisco! I love the Children’s Book Project. It’s really an amazing group of people who love books like I do and want children to experience them.

Nancy H.

Alvarado Elementary School, San Francisco Unified School District

The Children’s Book Project allowed me to establish a classroom library that students were excited to go find books in. Without the Children’s Book Project, I wouldn’t have many high interest books, if any!

Grace C.

AP Giannini Middle School, San Francisco Unified School District

I have been enjoying my trip to the Children’s Book Project most every month for many years. I am thankful for all the wonderful children’s books with many choices. It’s been helping me in my Pre-K classroom as well as giving out to the many students who don’t have many opportunities to take trip to the local libraries. Children are excited and parents are grateful. Thank you very much!

Lisa F.

San Francisco Unified School District

There’s a variety of books of different genres. For a first year teacher, it really helps to start off a classroom library and to get recommendations from the staff.


John Yehall Chin Elementary School, San Francisco Unified School District

Very organized and staff is very helpful. They help find specific books for our class.

Matthew N.

Longfellow Elementary School, San Francisco Unified School District

Leveled readers: new addition! Thanks for the new teacher-friendly K-2 section.

Endora L.

San Francisco Unified School District

I LOVE The Children’s Book Project! I am a reading intervention teacher and my students have been blessed beyond measure with the gift of books from you! Often, the students in my class read more than their peers in their classroom and 90 percent of them reach their reading goal every trimester!

Lara W.

The Children’s Book Project has a great selection of books for children of all ages. They always seem to have a diverse collection of genres, including items in many different languages. My students enjoy reading them and I’m glad everything here is the “right” price! Thank you!


Mt. Diablo Unified School DIstrict

The Children’s Book Project has been instrumental in supporting the reading proficiency of students…, many of whom do not otherwise own books to read.

Lisa F.

Thank you so much to the Children’s Book Project for helping us provide books to families who do not have access to them. By doing so, you are encouraging children…to begin their own beautiful, enlightening, and transformative relationship with literature.

Eden T.

Wu Yee Children's Services

The Children’s Book Project has been such an amazing resource for me and for so many students at our school. My students have access to reading because of the Children’s Book Project that would not have been possible otherwise. Thank you, Children’s Book Project!

Melissa T-S.

I am starting my own library for a classroom and…was looking for books that kids could be excited about to bring home. While I was searching around I found [a book with an unusual name in the title]. Having a student [with that name]…, I thought he would appreciate seeing his name in print. When I gave him the book he was speechless. He said thank you and sat down and we began our class. At the end of class and after all the students left, he came up and told me that I was the best teacher ever and that he loved me and gave me a hug. I told him that he was an amazing reader and I was excited to see his name and give him the book. He took three steps out of the classroom and came right back in for a second I love you and hug. You know sometimes these kids can be pretty tough, but the reward is that much sweeter! The words thank you don’t even express the gratitude I feel. That moment will be one that stays with me forever. Thank you, Children’s Book Project for providing these FREE books for teachers to inspire children everywhere to just keep going! On a side note…the staff is so helpful, happy, and a delight to talk with. I enjoyed every moment.

Megan H.

My kids LOVE having options when they are reading. As a second year teacher, I have felt blessed to be able to offer so many treasured books to my students without breaking my bank. The staff and volunteers at the Children’s Book Project keep me coming back. They are always so friendly and helpful finding whatever books will work in my classroom. I want to instill the love of reading in all of my students and this wonderful organization has really helped me do that! When I told my kids I spent my weekend going to get them more books they squealed with joy and gave me the biggest hug. Being able to put books into kids hands is the biggest blessing to have as a teacher. Thank you, Children’s Book Project!!!

Alyssa C.

As a teacher in the Bay Area, I could not afford to invest in a classroom library, yet I knew that an availability of a variety of books was critical to support  my students’ reading. The Children’s Book Project has allowed me to create a classroom library that includes multiple levels and genres. Schools simply do not have money to support classroom libraries and our school library is very limited. Students need access to a variety of books in order to be successful. Thank you, Children’s Book Project!

Carrie C.

We held a book Give-a-Way to celebrate National Summer Learning Day. Overall, we gave away 150 books to our youth in hope that our members will take a love for reading home to their families. A special thanks to the Children’s Book Project of SF who provided us with all of our books for the give-a-way!

Omar M.

Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco, Mission Clubhouse

This is my second visit to the site. Thank you for providing a wonderful opportunity for me and fellow teachers to put engaging  books in our student’s hands. Honestly, without you, my kids would have few books to read. Much appreciation from myself, the kids, and their families! Short Story: I offered students a candy or a book for a job well done. Kids chose the books!

Wendy P.

The Children’s Book Project helped us fill teacher’s book shelves for 550 students. This will fuel our school-wide Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) program and help us promote literacy in an urban area where kids don’t have access to literature. Also, the Children’s Book Project staff and volunteers were very friendly, organized, and helpful.

Brett R., Adam H., and Kelly W.

Oakland Charter HS